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A flower with feet, chasing the sun


My name is M.Dels

I am happy you came to learn more about me. I am Afro-Caribbean, but heavy on the fro.

Most of my youth was spent under the guidance of my grandparents. They taught me about my heritage, family, and destiny. Many of the writings you will see in my portfolio reflect the wisdom of past generations melding with today’s reality.


I hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My passions are mainly in the arts: writing, dancing, singing, drawing, and anything else that allows me to express myself.


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Who is M.Dels?

Washington Pic.jpg


A 4 Jury


he moaned against her earth.

Tears, snot, running like children from the night.

Hope stains the ground under cellular sight.


His charcoal skin turns ashen.

The fire of life dims under the breath of his judges.

The darkness that will push him into momma’s hands.



his howl ricochets off stone ears.

Rejection kneeling into his lungs.


For forgery? 

Call guns for jury.

Twenty dollars carried him into the wind.

The executioners spill blood— 


Denise Delgado

"You will accomplish in proportion to what you attempt."

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