A flower with feet, chasing the sun



You're here!

I am happy you came to learn more about me.

I am Afro-Carribean, but heavy on the fro.

I spent most of my youth under the guidance of my grandparents.


They taught me about my heritage, family and destiny.

Many of the writings you will see in my portfolio reflect the wisdom

of past generations melding with the reality we live today.


I hail from Pennsylvania and lived there for most of my life.

My interests are mainly in the arts.

I love writing, dancing, singing, drawing and

anything else that allows me to express myself.


I know, not much of an in depth description of me.

You will have to read my poetry to find out exactly...


Who is M.Dels?




Published work



Water from wise lips nourishes generations.

Jasmine, AZ

"Reading Backwash is comparable to watching a seed grow roots, bud, and blossom into its fullest potential through the knowledge passed on by generational predecessors."

William, PA

"Backwash is an apt description of how wisdom gets passed down and processed."

Lisa, CA

“There is just so much passion.
I can feel the words as I read.”

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"You will accomplish in proportion to what you attempt."

Denise Delgado